Wednesday, 19 October 2011

P is for Piranha

Piranha's are like Sharks, they are really misunderstood, so I didn't want to draw a menacing Piranha, but one that was a little shy looking.

O is for Octopus

More sea creatures! here's a cute little Octopus!

N is for Narwhal

NARWHAL!!! My favourite animal is the Whale and whats the only thing that can top a Whale.... A Whale with a freaking horn on its face!!! I know Narwhal's horns are where its nose should be but I had such a hard time liking the drawings where I had used it as a nose (just looked like a snowman) so I had to use some creative licence and put it on its head instead.

M is for Manta Ray

In case you haven't guessed already I do have a slight fixation with water dwelling animals, this is because they are far more interesting looking than anything else in the world and this is really true about Ray's. I always think that they look like water ghosts.

L is for Lama

I tried to make the Lama look a bit dumb, but instead he just looks high.

K is for Krill

Its hard not to make any kind of Shrimp look like the one out of Finding Nemo :/ but I tried my best... still looks like it though :S

J is for Jellyfish

I was once chased by a Jellyfish and have also accidentally eaten one as a child, so I have always seen them as the ultimate troll creature. O_O They just lurk and wait, then they get you when you least expect it.