Wednesday, 19 October 2011

P is for Piranha

Piranha's are like Sharks, they are really misunderstood, so I didn't want to draw a menacing Piranha, but one that was a little shy looking.

O is for Octopus

More sea creatures! here's a cute little Octopus!

N is for Narwhal

NARWHAL!!! My favourite animal is the Whale and whats the only thing that can top a Whale.... A Whale with a freaking horn on its face!!! I know Narwhal's horns are where its nose should be but I had such a hard time liking the drawings where I had used it as a nose (just looked like a snowman) so I had to use some creative licence and put it on its head instead.

M is for Manta Ray

In case you haven't guessed already I do have a slight fixation with water dwelling animals, this is because they are far more interesting looking than anything else in the world and this is really true about Ray's. I always think that they look like water ghosts.

L is for Lama

I tried to make the Lama look a bit dumb, but instead he just looks high.

K is for Krill

Its hard not to make any kind of Shrimp look like the one out of Finding Nemo :/ but I tried my best... still looks like it though :S

J is for Jellyfish

I was once chased by a Jellyfish and have also accidentally eaten one as a child, so I have always seen them as the ultimate troll creature. O_O They just lurk and wait, then they get you when you least expect it.

I is for Isopod

OK i cheated here a little bit :S its actually a Woodlice but seeing as its scientific categorization is an Isopod then it counts.

H is for Hippo

This is dedicated to a special some one, you know who you are Mr Berry :D

G is for Giraffe

Giraffe's are really weird to draw, I struggled with this one and have given up, this is the best I got....I have decided that Giraffe's are not my strong point

F is for Fish

Just some fish really, was a multitude of F related animals but I chose fish :/ sorry

Thursday, 13 October 2011

E is for Electric Eel

Eels are sooooo creepy, they have creepy little eyes and weird faces, but i thought it would be fun to draw one.

D is for Daddy Long Legs

These things really did scare the crap out of me as a child O_o but i have grow to like their clumsiness and find them really entertaining (until they fly in fornt of the TV!) i tried to make this Daddy Long Legs look a bit dumb, so i hope it comes across that way.

C is for Caterpilla

Again its highly original but i do like caterpillar's :D

B is for Bumbley Bee

Here are two bee's....original i know, but i do find bumble bee's incredibly cute, and why not make them cuter by making them chubby :D

A is for Armadillo

This was basically where the idea started for the Animal-Bet. I was asked to draw an underwater armadillo, and from there we decided why not do the animals for each letter of the alphabet.

The Animal-Bet

My new task is to draw an animal for each letter of the alphabet, this should be fun because i have no idea what most animals look like, nevermind drawing them O_O be where's the fun in a challenge if its easy.

Sea Monster

This was my first challenge set my Adam, all i was told was to draw a Sea Monster, but i kind of went off on one :S and ended up drawing a Father monster dealing with some sailors that attacked his son, dont ask me why :S i just drew and came to this conclusion :P

"Girl in Love With a Robot"

Inspired by Röyksopp "the Girl and the Robot"
done in Fineline pen and water.

My First Blog

Hello....erm....welcome to my blog, before you get any further i warn you that i am no Micheal Angelo and this blog is not a modern day Cysteine Chapel, tis just the random scribbles of things that pop into my head.
my partner in crime persuaded me to undertake this "Bloggercise" in order to encourage me to draw more (and get some well needed practise ;P). So i hope you like what you see, and if the images do offend your artistic senses then i hope you will at least find my work charming :D